Activities of April 2018

CCF conducted free clinic for thalassemia patients at Redcross Blood bank, Vidya nagar on 11th April 2018.

9 patients attended the clinic along with parents.IMG_2400

Dr Ramana garu , Dr Shusmita, Dr Pitchi reddy, Mrs Jaya , Mrs Martha participated and guided the patients.

Finanacial Assistance:

CCF supported Sita Dharani Kishore who is presently undergoing treatment for blood disorder at little stars children Hospital.IMG-20180420-WA0002

Centre for Thalassemia and blood disorders- Monthly Clinic- 24th April 2018

CCF organised a free medical camp for thalassemia community on 24th April at CTBD.

Dr Ramana ,Dr Shusmita, Mrs Jaya, Mrs Bharathi, Mr Hemanth , Dr Saifulla, Dr Gayathri and sister Supriya volunteered to be part of the camp and guided patients.

Comprehensive checkup was done for 8 patients. 2D echo test was done by Dr Nithin and dental checkup by Dr Shusmita.

Factor Support- Hemophilia:

CCF gave factor support for 2 children with bleeding disorder .

Miss Chaitra aged 6yrs with von wilie brand disorder received 500 IUĀ  and Master Vidya Charan aged 7 yrs with Hemophilia A received 1000 units of factor 8 for knee bleed.

CCF is providing free physiotherapy for the hemophiliacs at CCF Physio centre located at Level c of little stars childrens Hospital on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.