Activities of May & June 2018

Support from BRHS Heart to Heart Club:

Miss Sravani Nori from BRHS club visited CCF and met our patients on 22nd of May. They donated  toys for all age groups and children felt very happy to play with new toys.

We thank all members of the club for their time and thoughtful gifts.


CCF Monthly Clinic:

Monthly CCF clinic for Thalassemia community was organized on 29th May 2018 at Centre for Thalassemia and Blood Disorders.

Dr Ramana Dandamudi, Dr Saifulla, Mrs Jaya, Ms Rani, Mrs Bharathi participated and guided the patients on management of Thalassemia.

11 children and families attended the clinic and were given guidance.

We thank all the volunteers and CTBD for helping in smooth conduct of the clinic.