Activities of CCF- September & October

Clinic at Lifeline Tapadia Diagnostics Centre:

CCF conducted free clinic for thalassemia children at Centre for Thalassemia and blood disorders on 24th oct 2018.

11 patients attended with family and were given guidance on management of Thalassemia.  Dr Ramana, Dr Gayathri, Mr Hemanth, Mrs Jaya, Mrs Bharathi , Ms Rani and Sailaja participated and guided the patients on Drug administration, Diet, Transfusion care and hygiene.

We thank CTBD for organising the clinic and thank all volunteers for their efforts.

24 oct 2018 clinic 20


Clinic for Thalassemia community at Redcross, Vidya Nagar

Clinic was conducted for Thalassemia patients at Redcross blood bank, Vidya nagar on 10th of october between 3pm and 5pm.

Dr Ramana and his team gave guidance to families on management of the blood disorder. 8 patients and families attended the clinic.

We thank all the doctors , volunteers and  Redcross blood bank for their time and efforts.



Clinic at CTBD (Centre for Thalassemia and Blood Disorders), Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

26- Sep-2018- Clinic -19

We conducted a free clinic for Thalassemia community on 26th sep at CTBD in association with Tapadia diagnostics.

The clinic was attended by 7 patients.

Dr Ramana Dandamudi Dr. Nitin Krishna Rao, Dr Gayathri, Dr Saifulla , Mrs Jaya nagabhushanam,  Mrs Bharathi, Miss Rani and Mr Hemanth participated and patients got guidance on drug administration, Cardio care, Diet, Transfusion protocol etc.

2D echo was done for all the patients.

For some  patients  HLA matching test to be done.

We thank all the Doctors, Volunteers and Lifeline Tapadia staff for their continuous support.

Financial assistance on 13 Sep 2018:

CCF supported K Vanitha for Chemotherapy on 13th sep 2018.

The girl is undergoing treatment for Leukemia at Little stars children hospital. Donor Sreedhar Desabhatla  had come with family to give cheque.

We thank Sreedhar Desabhatla Garu and family for their continuous support to CCF.

Financial Assistance to Children with Cancer:

CCF supported 3 children for Chemotherapy on 08th Sep 2018.

The children are undergoing treatment for Leukemia at Little stars children hospital. Donor family  Miss Meghna Annapu Reddy and Miss Vaishnavi Mekala had come with parents to give cheques to the affected children and meet the families.

Kinnera memorial Trustee Mr Raja Kantamneni  came to meet them at LSCH and gave cheques to the 3 children.

IMG_2529KMT family

We thank all the Donors and Volunteers for their continuous support.