January to March 2019 – CCF Updates

Upcoming Activity:

Clinic at  Society for Thalassemia and sickle cell disorders , Kadapa – 3 March 2019

Awareness for Hemophilia Community – 3rd March- Kadapa

Redcross clinic for Thalassemia patients- 13th Feb 2019

Financial Assistance – 6th Feb 2019

CCF supported Master Sai pavan who is undergoing treatment for ALL at LSCH.


Thalassemia Clinic – 30th Jan 2019

Thalassemia clinic was organized in association with Centre for Thalassemia and blood disorders at Life line Tapadia on 30th Jan between 3pm and 5pm.

7 patients with families attended and were given guidance on management of Thalassemia. Dr Ramana (Hematology), Dr Gayathri (Hematology, Dr Murtaza Kamal (Cardio), Dr Srikar(Dental) , Mrs Jaya, Mr Hemanth, Mrs Jayanthi, Mrs Bharathi. Ms Rani participated in the activity.

Medical Assistance: 24th Jan 2018

CCF supported Master M Sadaf  for treatment for AIHA .

He received free medicine for the treatment.